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Like any other prescription only drug, you need to use Levitra with respect.

• What is Levitra?
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Levitra and the problems of heart disease

ED is one of the first symptoms of heart disease. Although Levitra can treat the symptom, it can't treat the cause. So use Levitra alongside the treatment for the cause.


ED and its Prevention
• What is erectile dysfunction?

Fifteen and more years ago, medical researchers tended to talk about impotence as the catch-all word for sexual failures...

• What causes ED?

There are a number of explanations which range from a loss of interest in sex due to depression to serious physical injury ed reverser with the ed reverser review. At the end of the day, having ED causes relationship problems and you will want to visit a relationship specialist like Liam Naden or check out http://couplesskills.com/review-of-stop-your-divorce-how-to-save-your-marriage-even-when-your-spouse-doesnt-want-to-program-by-liam-naden/ ...

• Preventive measures

The main strategy is to make lifestyle changes to both diet and activity levels...


There was a revolution back in 1998 when the little blue pills hit the market. Before this moment, men with erectile dysfunction used to hide away, avoiding all situations in which sex might be on the agenda. Once they realized a pill was available to restore their erections, they were into the queues to get a prescription and get back into a full life again. It was also the first chance the medical research community had to count the number of men suffering the problem. The numbers proved rather higher than expected.

Once the market was proven profitable, two companies followed Pfizer by developing their own versions of the drug. Bayer was into action in 2003 with Levitra and it has not looked back. With research evidence to show more power per mg than any of the competing drugs, Levitra has become the drug of choice when men have more serious problems. That means the men who fail to take action early enough when diagnosed with type II diabetes and who go through radical prostate cancer surgery now rely on this drug when the others fail.

More importantly, Bayer has not sat back, waiting for the market to come to it. The manufacturer has continued to develop and innovate. One of the problems in different cultures around the world is some resistance to reliance on pills. Different groups prefer other ways of absorbing the drugs. Coming from the European market is an orodispersible version of Levitra. This means a pill that's designed to preserve your privacy, to be discreet. It dissolves on your tongue within seconds, giving you maximum convenience and a faster absorption into the bloodstream. It won European approval in September 2010 and will soon be available in drugstores across the US. It's this approach to the market that's keeping Levitra aggressive in market share. It's not enough to be the most powerful drug, people have to know and understand why this drug is the best and spend their dollars accordingly.

So look out for Levitra in the market. This is the drug that will keep your sex life active even though the years are rolling by, even though you may have other physical problems affecting your body. More importantly, Bayer is potentially maintaining the revolutionary approach in extending the ways in which you can take this medication. Orodispersible may be a weird word but it may be the future for taking drugs.

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